What is the Best Deal Shopping Strategy?

Will you shop Cyber Monday, Black Friday & Boxing Day sales?

There is no question that Canadians love deals. But will you be looking for sales throughout the year or doing all your shopping on a single traditional “deal day” like Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Boxing Day sales for 2015?

A recent canadian shopper survey reports that more Canadians intend to spread out their shopping throughout 2015 rather than take advantage of a Black Friday or Cyber Monday type sales. This may be the intent but there appears in to be a increase in interest and traffic related to these events, and shopping in general, in the last quarter of 2015 that is similar to last year.

So what is the best deal shopping strategy? Load up on the bargains found at typical sale events or balance your spending over various sales all year round? Here are a couple of things to consider when deciding where and when to shop.

Loyalty gives you Mileage

Loyalty programs like the Aeroplan miles that SHOP.CA offers on purchases encourage shopping all year round with “bonus” value coming with events like the 15X weekends that pop up throughout the year. The average Canadian has four loyalty program cards in their wallet according to a Yahoo survey, as seen in the infographic below indicate there is interest in the “long play” deal approach.

Canadian Shopping with Loyalty Card Infographic

Shoppers Law of Averages

Another advantage of the “long play” shop is similar to the benefits of “dollar cost averaging” when purchasing stocks, mutual funds etc. You know you want to buy something and want to get the best value overall but prices can fluctuate. The problem with waiting to shop on a specific sale event like Black Friday is that the products you want may not actually go on sale! Most stores and online shopping sites like SHOP.CA have great sales but they are for a smaller group of featured products rather than store wide discounts. However, there are always weekly sale promotions for different products and categories throughout the year. By shopping or browsing all year you are able to jump on bargains for your target products if they go on sale and avoid ruining the holiday shopping spirit with a disappointing Boxing Day!

While we may be biased here at SHOP.CA as shoppers ourselves we feel the best deal strategy is to browse all year round including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and of course our traditional Canadian sale Boxing Day. Happy shopping Canada!

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