Wedding Wednesdays: The Big Outdoors

In Canada,  we have a very short window of warm, wonderful weather.  Because of this,  many couples consider having an outdoor wedding to ensure they, and their guests,  get all the opportunities to enjoy the summer as possible!

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When having an outdoor wedding,  there are a couple things you may want to consider for maximum comfort for both you,  and your guests.


1.  Floors

This is for all the ladies in heels!  If your wedding is taking place on the grass,  consider putting some flooring down so little stiletto heels aren’t sinking with every step.


If floors aren’t your thing,  make sure guests know this,  so they can plan the proper footwear.  A heads up that wedges,  or flats are a favourable footwear choice will make for happy guests,  and happy feet!


2. Shade

This cannot be stressed enough.  There’s nothing worse than sitting in the direct sun,  for a prolonged period of time,  and sweating through your suit and fixating more on the heat  than the declaration of love and commitment happening in front of you.


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As the one getting married, you also want to be able to look into your partner’s eyes without squinting!


Consider strategically put umbrellas,  or drapes to block the sun.  If you’re close to electricity,  a couple fans would also be appreciated if you don’t want your guests using your programme to cool themselves down during your ceremony.


3.  Seating

Having a cocktail hour?  If your guests have just spent an hour outside in the sun,  they’re going to be excited for a bit of relief.  Imagine the horror if they arrive at at the cocktail only to see a serious shortage of seating!


What’s great about an outdoor wedding,  is that you can go a bit more casual with your decor!  Wicker chairs look great.  White stools,  awesome.


The key here,  is the more the merrier!


Those are three important considerations when planning for an outdoor wedding.  The most important,  is good weather!  So keep those fingers crossed!  What other considerations do you think couples need to address?


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