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Trending Colours for Fall 2015

Whether you’re a fan of summer or winter, the one thing most of us can all agree on is that fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Canada. Not only is it one last stretch of tolerable weather, but it’s also one of our favourite times of year for fashion; the middling temperature allows you to layer and accessorize with your favourite pieces and truly dress for fashion above function.

On that note, let’s take a look at some of the changing colours that will be occurring in the leaves and – if you’re doing things right – in your wardrobe.


Marsala is hands-down the hottest colour for 2015. With an undeniable warmth and versatility, Marasala simply works wonders for a range of skin tones and wardrobe essentials.

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Cashmere Rose

Cashmere Rose is an upscale, delicate pink hue that puts a modern twist on a timeless classic. Feel confident draping yourself in this lavish colour.

Dried Herb

Once relegated to functional use for the military or outdoorsy type, Dried Herb is an olive colour that is trendy and practical for your everyday chic.

Oak Buff

Think of Oak Buff as the sun giving you a warm hug in the form of a sweater, shawl, or boots. The warm, mellow warmth of this tone will bring a smile to a mirror near you.

Stormy Weather

For every action is an equal and opposite reaction; as warm and mellow as Oak Buff is, Stormy Weather provides a strong, cool hue that illustrates a picture of quality and luxury.

Black To Basics

There’s a reason a little black dress is black. This concept is transferable to other garments in your wardrobe!


Now that we’ve narrowed down the trending colours for Fall 2015, take a look at some of fall fashion trends to put it all together!


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