Summer 101: Fire Up The Grill



Grilling Tips

Heat things up: Preheat your Grill – a hot grill sears meat properly, which seals in the juices and flavour. It also prepares the grill for a good brushing.

Brush the grill: Make sure you brush your grill thoroughly before and after each use to ensure you remove all food residue and bacteria. This will also prevent your meat from sticking to the grill.

Keep meat separate: Use different cutting boards for your raw meats so that you do not contaminate your food. Also make sure to keep it covered to avoid bacteria and pesky critters.

Check internal temperature: The only thing worse than overcooking and drying out your meat is undercooking it and getting your guests sick! Take the guesswork out of it and cook meat perfectly by measuring the internal temperature with a meat thermometer.

Use grilling rack: use a grilling rack for smaller items that may fall between the cracks on the grill (vegetables etc.)

Keep squirt bottle handy: Have water handy to put out any flare ups on the grill – having a steak that’s been licked by the flames will give it delicious charred edges but if the flames reach to0 high you will simply burn your steak.

Less is more: You may be keen to put your new BBQ accessories to use, but resist the urge to fiddle with the meat once you have it on the grill.  Frequently re-positioning your meat can cause uneven charring and the constant movement can cause you to lose some of the precious seasoning off the meat.

Let it sit: Giving your meat time to cool down straight from the grill will both ensure that you don’t burn your mouth on a hot steak and will allow the juices to redistribute evenly throughout the meat.


A Cut Above: Choose Your Meats

Choose a Thick cut that is well marbled: the marbling will add to the flavour and baste the meat throughout cooking, ensuring a juicy finished product.

Leave the bone in: – leaving the bone in allows the heat to be absorbed partially by the bone and distributed evenly throughout the meat to ensure  perfect cooking.

Always fresh: never use frozen meat for your big BBQ, ensure you choose fresh, brightly coloured meats for your guests.

Marinate well in advance: Sometimes a good cut of beef only needs some fresh cracked pepper and some sea salt to set off the natural flavour of the steak, however, if you are going for something more adventurous like chicken teriyaki or honey-garlic ribs, marinate your meat overnight to allow the flavour to penetrate deep into the meat.

Give it a light coat of oil: Use a light coat of vegetable oil or less expensive olive oil on your steaks to ensure it gets seared perfectly on the outside and retains the precious juices within.


Happy grilling!


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