Buying Guides: Smart Televisions, the TV’s of Tomorrow, Today!

Purchasing smart televisions require smart, informed choices.

So, you’ve decided to upgrade to a television with a brain. If you are wondering what a smart TV is in a nutshell, just imagine the possibilities of having a 55” smart phone mounted to your living room wall.


By now every smart television has WiFi connectivity, for bringing the internet into your living room. Some also have bluetooth compatibility to pair up accessories such as speakers and keyboards, or to use your own phone as a remote, media source, pc or usb device. The possibilities go on to infinity.


Now that you have achieved connectivity to the internet, your TV is fully capable of being a standalone unit. It will still gladly hook up to direct cable, and your Blu-Ray, DVD, and VHS players, and will generally have enough ports to handle all three.  However, if by chance your last DVD machine has bit the dust, then you do not necessarily need a separate media source to be entertained.
The number one thing that sets smart televisions apart from their prehistoric ancestors, is that your television now becomes a fully interactive entertainment unit, achieved by its ability to use Apps.

Media Streaming:

Now you are able access great apps for streaming media from the internet.

Video Streaming: Apps such as Netflix, Cinema Now, HBO, MLB, NBC sports, HULU plus, and YouTube  are now available for your smart TV.  These  allow you to watch and stream films, television shows, sporting and musical events in glorious HD.  Also Youtube, if you need your cat video fix!

Music Streaming: 
If you have a great sound system, why not take advantage of the available music streaming applications that are out there. Some popular ones are, Deezer, Pandora, and Spotify which give you access to thousands of albums and millions of songs. 

Although gaming on a smart television is not quite as popular as on tablet or phone, it is available and probably more advanced than you would imagine.  Titles like Batman, Ashphalt 5, and Uno are a few of the many that are ready to download. Some of these games can even use your phone as a gaming pad!


Spending too much time watching movies and shows, and feel a little disconnected?  Don’t worry! You can still access Facebook, Twitter,  and Skype to stay up to date with your friends and followers.  

With all of these new features and functions, you are set for your new set! Go ahead and see what’s out there!

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