Small Spaces

Small Space: Big Opportunity

Small spaces; we all have those awkward little spots in our homes that aren’t quite big enough to create an entire room with, but look awfully bare if left barren. With the right concepts and pieces, these nooks become opportunities to add charm to your home while maximizing the functionality in small spaces.


If you have an open staircase, you also likely have a dead zone underneath it. With just a few nice pieces, you can turn this dead space into a productive work zone — or at the very least, a cute space that makes you look busy!

  • Hidden Workspace for Small Space Home Decor
    Small Spaces: Hidden Work Station


  • Start with a chair and desk combo that is appropriate for the room; the idea isn’t to draw a huge amount of attention, rather, fill the space nicely.
  • Next, add some simple, yet elegant storage options which you can store books, games, or sculptures in.
  • Finish the space with some decorative wall art, or a sculpture of some sort that adds some intrigue to the area.


The first look for small spaces is a simple breakfast nook table with a built in shelf and matching chairs. This will transform an otherwise wasted space into a cozy place to sip your morning coffee and read the newspaper – you’ll be surprised how quickly this becomes a favourite place to sit! 

  • !nspire 3 Piece Breakfast Tabe Set with Built In Shelf and 2 Chairs
    3 Piece Breakfast Nook Table Set

  • The built-in shelves also allow for additional storage as well as a place to display some home decor accents.
  • Position shelf on the outside to create a more intimate, closed off nook.
  • Place the shelf against the wall to leave the space open and inviting.


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