Outdoor Sanctuary

When I first began looking for an apartment, I did not have a very fancy budget to work with. This is why it came down to a very important question I had to ask myself- balcony or bedroom? By this I mean, my budget allowed for either some outdoor space or a bedroom with walls (aka not a bachelor). Seeing as I love to entertain, this was a no-brainer for me- BEDROOM!

The thought of having friends over and no space for them to sit was completely out of the question. Unfortunately this meant giving up the outdoor space. I have been in my apartment for about a year and a half now, and the lack of outdoor space is really starting to wear thin with me. I miss having that place to enjoy my morning coffee or my late night glass of wine. Not to mention the furniture, lighting and decor that is now available for outdoor living is quite frankly, stunning!

I recently stumbled upon a company’s Instagram account that got me dreaming and completely inspired.  It’s a company located is West Hollywood called Lulu and Georgia, and WOW is their stuff amazing! It all began with this one outdoor rug and now….you know me….I have completely designed my dream outdoor living space.




I am completely obsessed with this outdoor rug. The colours, the pattern, the style is all the perfect pop for an outdoor space. I would go for a more subtle table and chairs on top and throw in some outdoor string lights, and greenery and you would have to tear me away from there. Here are a couple more images of the space I envision. It’s just the beginning of what will one day be my little oudoor oasis. Let me know what you think!





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