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Cottage Games: Lawn, Lake, And Rainy Day Fun!


When it comes to living in the city; if you’re lucky, you have access to a cottage or summer home – if you’re really lucky, you actually have the time to make it there. With such precious little time between Friday after work and Sunday afternoon, it can be hard to relax when you want to get the most out of your time away. Luckily, we have some surefire ways to ensure that you always take advantage of the outdoors and your time in your happy place.


Cottages With Water Access


Explore the shoreline: take a swim with a snorkeling set and explore the shallower areas of the lake – you may be surprised what it looks like below the surface of the waterfront you’ve looked at for years!

Float down a river: if you’ve got access to a boat, then tubing can keep you entertained for hours, but you can also take your tube on a more relaxing journey down a river with a light current.

Get a water trampoline: if you’ve spent any amount of time on a trampoline, you don’t need to be told how much fun it is – now just add water and sunshine to the equation.


Cottages With Lawn Space


Lawn games: there are a great number of lawn activities that you can play to enjoy the outdoors with a relaxing game of bocce ball, badminton, ladder ball, croquet, and much more.

Darts: if you have enough space that you can safely add a dart board, this is another fun game that you can setup against a tree or storage shed, and play indoors on a rainy day!

Golf: if there is a course nearby, golf is a great reason to get up as the sun rises. If there’s no course, you can always get some golf training accessories to hone your skills!


Other Outdoor Hobbies


Hunting & fishing: if you are in the right location and have the appropriate training and licensing, hunting and fishing can be a great way to spend time outdoors, though it does require lots of specific hunting and fishing accessories!

Camping & hiking: sometimes you don’t need to have an activity to get outdoors – just go! Get out and see the beautiful outdoors with daytime hiking trips, or overnight camping. Just make sure you go prepared with the right camping equipment!


 Options for a Rainy Day



Table tennis: get a portable table tennis top to bring out when the rain comes down, or if you have enough space, get a full table tennis set!

Poker table: turn any rainy day into a great day of card games with the portable poker table that you can fold out onto any regular table.


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