How to get to Paris with 15X Aeroplan Miles

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could pay for your flights, simply by shopping for things you want and need anyways? Welcome to the wonderful world of SHOP.CA, where you earn Aeroplan Miles on every order – and between July 1st and July 5th – you will earn 15X the miles! That’s 15 Miles for every dollar spent on SHOP.CA!

Below are a few ideas on how you can get some round-trip flights across the globe, simply by shopping on SHOP.CA!

LG 70″ Ultra HD 4K LED Smart HDTV
LG 70″ Ultra HD 4K LED Smart HDTV


Upgrade Your TV

LG 70″ Ultra HD LED Smart TV

***60,000 Aeroplan Miles***

Upgrade to the best TV you’ve ever had! If you’re looking to upgrade any of your major appliances or electronics (like your TV), why not get a free round-trip flight to Paris on the side? With the 70″ LG Ultra HD 4K LED Smart HDTV, you really don’t need any extra incentive to buy! Featuring LG’s Tru-Black, Tru-Color, and Tru-Motion technology; this TV is a sports fan or movie enthusiast’s dream come true!



LG 70′ UHD Smart TV: $4000 = 4000 base Miles!  

4000 base Miles + 15X = 60,000 Aeroplan Miles!

60,000 Aeroplan Miles = round trip flight to Paris! 




Upgrade Your Whole Home Theater

If you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket – get a whole new home theater system! You’ll have the brand new home theater you’ve always wanted and you’ll be able to rave about it all the way to Paris and back!

15X Home Theatre

ProCinema 600 Compact Home Theater System

***15,000 Aeroplan Miles***

With the ProCinema 600 Compact Home Theater, you will feel like you’re in the crowd when you watch the big game, and you’ll swear that Canadian hunk Ryan Gosling is actually whispering into your ear when you watch The Notebook. With this subwoofer-supported, compact system, you’ll get high-quality surround sound that is sure to fit any space inconspicuously.



Roku 3 Media Streaming Player

***1,350 Aeroplan Miles***

The Roku 3 Media Streaming Player allows you to watch all of the streaming TV you want through 450+ channels including Netflix and Hulu. The only problem with the Roku is admitting to the outside world how much time you spend with it!

Samsung 65′ 4K Quadcore Ultra HD Smart TV

***42,000 Aeroplan Miles***

This Samsung UHD Smart TV delivers one of the most immersive TV experiences you will find on the market with Samsung’s exclusive curved UHD TV technology giving you up to 4 times the picture quality of regular HD television. 

Bell’O Flat Panel TV Stand

***3,900 Aeroplan Miles***

Like any king deserves a throne, so too does your majestic television! Don’t taint your beautiful television’s image by not selecting an appropriate TV stand to house the TV, PVR, and any other things you may need attached to your entertainment center. 


Home Theater Package: $4,000 = 4,000 Base Miles

4,000 Base Miles + 15X = 60,000 Aeroplan Miles

60,000 Aeroplan Miles = round trip flight to Paris! 



See the Aeroplan Miles Reward Chart here.


* The number of Aeroplan Miles required for the destination is accurate as of date of communication. Shown destinations reflect a roundtrip ClassicFlight® Reward Seat in economy class according to Aeroplan’s current reward chart. ClassicFlight Reward availability is capacity controlled and is subject to availability at time of booking as well as seasonality of demand. See aeroplan.com for more details. ® The Aeroplan logo, Aeroplan and ClassicFlight are registered trademarks of Aimia Canada Inc.
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