Guest Blog: Emma Waverman’s Last Minute Gifts

emmaEmma Waverman writes about the chaos of modern family life. She is the co-author of the family cookbook Whining and Dining: Mealtime Survival for Picky Eaters and Families Who Love Them and is hoping to one day finish her certification as a parenting coach. She lives with her three kids, ranging from tween to grade schooler, and husband in Toronto. Emma has written for a variety of national parenting and lifestyle magazines and newspapers. When she’s is not making typos, telling you what she thinks, and thinking about dinner, you can find her on Twitter at @emmawaverman. 

It’s panic time. The absolute hardest person on your list is also the one that you procrastinate the most when it comes to buying a gift. So now you have a few days to go and nothing. The malls are crowded, everything is picked over. What are you going to do??

Subscriptions. Really cool subscriptions where fun stuff is delivered to their door once a month.  SHOP.CA has a collection of subscriptions that can solve your current gifting crisis. There is never any kind of shipping costs, and you gain Aeroplan points as you go as well. It’s a win-win, which this time of year is definitely needed! And best of all, low monthly cost and an easy renewal process when your year is up!

My step-father is the hardest person on my list. He is the most difficult because he is actually the nicest, he doesn’t want anything and he is happy with everything. So it is hard to find that one thing he has been searching for.

But he is kind of styling.

So when I found this Bugatchi subscription at SHOP.CA I knew I found the winner. Socks, ties and accessories delivered monthly? So cool. My siblings and I can get him a 3-month subscription without the pain of many long and torturous email exchanges.  We all kind of have a thing for socks.

Bugatchi The Man Box


My son is a true carnivore. The tag line at the Carnivore’s Club is “release your inner carnivore”, that kid has no inner, only outer carnivore. I just hope that if I get this subscription for him that he will share. Because how will I resist all this delicious artisanal, ethically produces meat? Each month has a different theme so he will learn a little bit of geography at the same time – or is that just me rationalizing?

Carnivore Club Artisanal Charcuterie Box

My best friend is into tea. Well, to be honest I am really into tea. And I want everyone to be as obsessed as me, so I am going to send her this tea subscription and then I will get nice tea when I go to her house. Each month for a year she will receive a different kind of loose leaf tea – from Assam to Rooiboos the award-winning Tao Tea Leaf company. I will just pick up an adorable tea leaf strainer to go with it.

And while I am doing an order from SHOP.CA from my laptop, in my pajamas. I am going to order my case of bubbly for New Year’s and someone stop me before I also order a case of my newest obsession, an Ontario-distilled sake which is amazing on its own but also great in cocktails.

Cheers and Happy last minute shopping.

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