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Dorm Room Must-Haves

Going away to school is a big step, not to mention a lot of pressure. Make sure your new student has everything they need to make it on their own in their new environment! These basic dorm room essentials will help set them up on the path to success!

  • For keeping up with class and keeping up with friends.

Dorm Check-list

Laptop: the most important thing for a student, is to keep their assignments, notes, and any other academic material organized. In today’s post-secondary environment, it is crucial to have a good laptop that will have enough space to store all of your academic files with the power to seamlessly stream the latest movies and videos with new friends.

Coffee Maker: there will inevitably be some late night study sessions, as well as some early morning classes; it’s best to greet those with a strong will and some even stronger coffee!

Printer: But won’t there be a printer on campus? Yes, but the worst feeling a student can have is the anxiety of rushing to the library to print off an assignment 10 minutes before it has to be submitted at another building, only to realize they’ve run out of money on their library card!

Mini Fridge: eating on a student budget isn’t exactly fine dining, but it is important to maintain a decent diet by keeping healthy snacks and easy-to-make food on hand! A healthy snack in the mini-fridge will keep your freshman from satisfying their hunger with fast food in their new, sporadic lifestyle.

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Sheetswith the laundromat likely not that close to the dorm room, it’s definitely a great idea to get an extra set of sheets, rather than having to visit the laundry every other day — or worse, using dirty sheets! 

Microwave: as mentioned above, surf and turf may not be a regular occurrence on a student budget, but fast food can be avoided with some care package meals, easily made food from the grocery store, or leftovers that can be re-heated.

Speaker: when moving into a new environment, bringing some music that reminds your freshman of home can be comforting — it can also help attract new friends with similar tastes in music.

Heading out to college or university is an intimidating step in life and there is no single way to be successful at it, but being well prepared will put your freshman in the best possible position to succeed in the social and academic whirlwind that is about to hit them!

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