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So I am absolutely obsessed with the idea of a beach house. Love the idea of a home right on the water with a huge deck looking out over the ocean (or lake, I’m really not too picky!)  An oasis to run away to on weekends and holiday’s with friends and family.  A place that permits nothing but relaxation and comfort.

Of course one of the reasons that I am totally enamored with this idea (aside from my love of water) is because I would LOVE nothing more than to decorate it. With pale beige hues, and a sea of blues and turquoise throughout the home, both on the walls and found in accent pieces.  I love the idea of  a large reclaimed oak dining room table that would be the focal point of the open concept main floor. Okay, I know at this point you all think I am totally nuts for the amount of time and thought I have put into this but this is THE dream for me.

As travel is another passion of mine, I often like to collect photographs, nic-naks, and different pieces of the places I have gone. What better place to display them then a beach home that can incorporate my favourite destinations that I have been fortunate enough to explore.

Unfortunately, with the lack of money I have to make this dream come true (FOR NOW), I have instead dedicated my time and love for the beach, turning my city apartment into my beach oasis. I started off by painting  the most beautiful beach side shade on my walls that right away turned my apartment that sits on top of a store into a space that feels like it belongs on the coast. I hung images of the various beaches I have visited all the way from Australia to Indonesia to Mexico that capture those bright turquoises and soft beige’s that we all love most about a beach. I utilized my neutral pallet as a way to add in texture through pillows and throws and variety of decor that I have picked up along my travels. It is by no means complete, but rather a work in progress that I will share with you. Below are a few images that helped inspire the style and theme that I have worked to accomplish within my small but cozy place.


Here are a couple of images of my inspiration for my life long dream

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For now it will remain a dream, but my little apartment “beach house” is the perfect step in the right direction. As Carl Sanburg once said, “nothing happens unless first a dream!

Let me know your thoughts on a beach home and style of decor you would use? Nothing better than sharing the wealth of inspiration!

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