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A stove is one of the most essential parts of your kitchen. And finding the right stove for you can be crucial for all of the delicious meals that you will be cooking on it! Here’s a guide to finding the perfect stove for you!


Gas burning:

Gas burning stoves are the best for people who cook a lot, and take pride in their work. Gas stoves are best for evenly heating cookware which leads to the best cooking results! And depending on your location, the natural gas bills may not be as expensive as you think.

Gas burning stoves use an open flame to heat the cookware. The flame helps heat up cookware quicker than the other types of stoves, which gives you quick and fantastic results!

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Electric flat top/ glass ceramic:

Electric flat top stoves are the sleekest of the stoves in terms of design. They are usually a great way to add a finishing touch to the look of your kitchen.

The electric flat top stoves are made with a glass-ceramic surface, with the heating unit under the surface. Cooking times are normally good to depending on the model. These are also easy to clean, but can have issues with scratching.

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Electric coil:

Electric coil stoves are the most conventional type of stove. They use electricity that goes in to a coil that converts it to heat, heating the metal coil.

These types of stoves can be tricky to clean, and have issues with heating evenly. They are well known for their simplicity and their low cost compared to the other types of stoves.

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The two key thing questions that you need to ask yourself when looking for a new stove are what/how much do you plan on cooking, and how much you want to spend. The gas burning stoves are the best choice for cooking, and the electric coil stoves are great for their price point. But the electric flat top stoves are a good selection if you need something in between to. Hopefully this guide has helped you make your decision. Happy shopping!

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