Buying Guides: Juicers and Extractors

We all know the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables, but a fresh glass of juice or or a healthy smoothie can be convenient, and sometimes more appealing than a piece of fruit or plate of salad.

You want to make sure you get the juicer or extractor that best suits your taste in fruits and vegetables, and your preference in drink styles. Here’s a handy guide to make sure you get the perfect machine for a healthy, delicious diet.



If you have a “zest” for citrus juice, a juicer would be a great choice for you!  A citrus juicer simply presses sliced fruit on a motored reamer that extracts the juice from the flesh of the fruit, leaving you with a fresh fruit juice and minimal pulp.

Due to its simple and efficient design, a juicer is as much of a breeze to clean as it is to operate.


VitaProPlus Low-Speed Juicer & Smoothie Maker
Vitamix VitaProPlus Low-Speed Juicer & Smoothie Maker


If you’re looking to transform those fresh vegetables into a tasty and tempting drink, look no further than a juice extractor. These extractors use a high-speed disk blade to cut the peeled and cleaned fruit or vegetables into super tiny pieces.

The produce is then spun to separate the liquid from the pulp, and the juice is strained into a container. The remaining material is placed aside, requiring a little more effort and dismantling to clean after each use.

Cuisinart Compact Juice Extractor
Cuisinart Compact Juice Extractor

With a juicer or extractor, you’ll be drinking healthy in no time, Canada!

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