Buying Guides: Food Processors and Choppers

Although often confused with the capabilities of a blender, food processors and choppers have very different functions in comparison.

Food processors and choppers break down solid foods by chopping, slicing, grating, kneading, shredding, or pureeing with little to less liquid in contrast to a blender.

Food processors and choppers typically have lower spin blade settings than blenders, but yet the variety of interchangeable discs and blades make processors and choppers a highly versatile and time saving food preparation appliance.


Food Processors:

Depending on the type of food you are preparing, a full-sized food processor can offer various features and capabilities to ensure the type of food processing gives you the optimal results depending on your needs.


Cuisinart 14 Cup Elite Food Processor
Cuisinart 14 Cup Elite Food Processor

Food Processors are ideal for some of the following uses:

Chopping: Perfect for chopping dry ingredients such as bread crumbs, nuts, and dried fruits. Food processors ideal for this preparation should have a pulse action that allows the motor to blend on and off on a turn, allowing for a better control of the texture.

Pureeing: Whether you’re creating a healthy dip for an appetizer, pureeing a healthy vegetable soup for a healthy meal, or craving some smooth peanut butter goodness, a food processor is ideal for creating a more thick texture with less liquid.

Grinding: Depending on your personal preference in texture, a food processor can also opt as a meat grinder. Since meat is more difficult to chop, be sure to use fresh or thawed diced meat in a highly powerful food processor with a sharp blade for best results.

Kneading: Although baking is a science, the handy food processor is the most quick and convenient way to knead bread dough, with the ability to do so in less than 90 seconds! As the most heavy-duty task for a food processor, search for a powerful motor with a dough attachment to ensure perfect consistency and productivity.


Food choppers:

Unlike a food processor, a food chopper does not offer a feeding tube or cutting disc, but are rather typically a hand operated appliance.

Cuisinart 4-Cup Chopper
CH-4DCC 4-Cup Chopper

Since a food chopper seldom includes a motor or a less powered motor, they are less expensive, smaller in size, lighter in weight, and make great use for small food preparation servings. Similar to a food processor, each type of food chopper has its niche.

These compact choppers are smaller in size, making it ultra quick for dicing and chopping small amounts of foods, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, and nuts.

A compact, manually operated food chopper will allow you to place the food item in a container or on a cutting board and use a hand slapping or rotating motion to spring the blade into a chopping action.

Electric mini food processors operate much similar to a food processor, but are designed with a smaller container capacity and less power due to its design for smaller, more easily prepared portions.


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