Buying Guide: Microphones

So you’re in the market for a new microphone, but you don’t know what mic is best for your needs. Look no further! SHOP.CA is here to help you sort out the main differences between the main types of microphones, and help you choose the right mic so you can produce the best sound!


Dynamic microphones are built to be more rugged and durable. They are more used for live performances as they’re great for putting up with the wear & tear that comes with travelling. Here’s an example: Dynamic Microphone.


Condenser microphones are made to be more sensitive, making them the preferred microphone for studio settings. They are great for picking up noise which is why they work better in studio settings. Here’s an example: Condenser Microphone.


Wireless microphones can be either dynamic or condenser, but they are sometimes used for different things. Wireless mics are good for their mobility. They are best used for live events like weddings or other ceremonies. They are preferred for microphones that need to travel across a room without hassle. Here’s an example: Wireless Microphone.


Now that you’ve found the microphone that you’re looking for, here are some accessories that you may want to look in to purchasing:


Most microphones use an XLR cable to connect. XLR cables have three prongs on the male end, and three holes on the female end. Depending on what you need your microphone for, you may need a long or short XLR cable to connect. Here’s an example: XLR Cable.

­Pop filters:

Pop filters are made to avoid recording distorted sounds. This usually happens whenever you pronounce a word with the letter “P”. When you pronounce it, you will most likely send some extra air to the microphone, creating a pop noise on your recording. The pop filter is designed to shield that extra wind and help keep a crisp and consistent sound. These are more recommended for Condenser microphones due to them being more delicate. Here’s an example: Pop filter.


We hope that this guide helped answer any questions about microphones, or what to look for when purchasing a microphone. And we look forward to hearing your great sounds!

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