Buying Guide: Drums

When purchasing a drum set, whether a complete kit or just a shell pack things to consider are sizes of the drums as well as the material. Maple and Birch are the two most common woods for making drum shells.

a) For the first time drum purchaser buying a complete kit is the recommended way to go as it will come with all the stands and cymbals.

b) For the most experienced drum kit player buying a shell pack is the recommended way to go as they can personalize all of their accessories.
Choosing your cymbals – While there are many different companies that make cymbals and many different kind of cymbals, the 3 most common are:

Ride– A medium-weight cymbal that helps outline the rhythmic framework of a song, along with the kick and the snare. Ride cymbals can generally withstand repeated strikes without building up too much of a roar.

Crash – A thin, often small-diameter cymbal that produces an explosive “crash” when struck on its edge. Crash-cymbal overtones normally die away quickly, which gets them out of the way of the rest of the music.

Hi Hats – Actually two cymbals, with one inverted atop the other on a special stand. Hi-hat cymbals are very versatile, able to be played “closed” with the stand’s foot pedal pressed down, “open” with the pedal up, and everywhere in between. Simply pushing down the pedal without striking the cymbals produces a nice “chick” sound.

Bass Drum Pedals– there are many different pedals to choose from, whether they be single or double pedals.  The style of music you plan on playing will factor in to whether you are looking at single or double pedals.


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