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Building the Bedroom of your Dreams

If you think about your house as being a “home base” for your life, then you can think about your bedroom as being a home base within your house. They say you spend about one third of life sleeping, so you want to make sure that you take extra care to make the place you sleep a place that puts a smile on your face when you open the door. Here are a few different ways to achieve that:

Get The Look: Modern Twist On A Classic

This bedroom features classic wooden style that your grandparents had, but boasts a contemporary design that distinguishes itself from antique furniture. The wooden theme accented with an intriguing texture on it is the perfect modern homage to this classic look.

Get The Look: Luxurious, Elegant, Incredible

This bedroom look is all about luxury; the elegant button-tufted headboard and wooden trim along with the lavish border surrounding the mattress is dripping with style and elegance. Complete the look by adding an oversized mirror, some sleek side tables, and an accent table with an exotic design to add complexity to the room.

Get The Look: Colour Your World

Sometimes the only thing you need to create a room that makes you feel at home is to build a colour scheme that you enjoy. Start with neutral colours in the paint and main furniture then add your colours to the bedsheets, throw pillows, and accent furniture. Taking this approach will almost inevitably lead to discovering your new favourite piece of furniture because it fits your favourite colour scheme!



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